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Eight winners so far! Thank you for participating in our challenge. We have seen your great effort and some excellent scores! The challenge is on a break now and we are looking forward to you joining the challenge after this summer again. Subscribe to Sense Arena newsletter to be notified when the challenge starts again.

Be the champion of the READ & REACT hockey skills. Win a custom T-shirt signed by Pasta!

00:00:00 REMAINING


Test your time-movement anticipation with our "Tipping" drill.
Best score wins the challenge.
The challenge opens June 15th 00:00 UTC and ends June 20th 24:00 UTC.


The Challenge Rules AND HOW TO JOIN

  • Sense Arena eSkills Challenge runs in weekly periods. The competition starts on Mon 0:00 UTC and finishes on Sat 24:00 UTC. Announcement of winners will be done on and Sense Arena Social media.
  • Every week we pick one Read and React skill and a reference drill (Drill
    of the week) which is the one everybody competes in. Every player has an unlimited number of attempts to score the best result. The selected drill of the week has one setup for all age categories - speed of passes, accuracy, size of the goalie etc.
  • The winner is the player with the best score (number of passes, goals, correct actions etc.). If there are more players with the same score, the winner is the player with the better result in the Read and React skill % specific to the drill of the week (peripheral vision %, release time % eg.). Players can check the leaderboard either on or right before starting the Challenge or after they finish the drill in the VR helmet.
  • Winner gets a prize of a custom "Sense Arena eSkills Challenge Winner" T-shirt signed by David Pastrnak of the Boston Bruins, our friend and Sense Arena shareholder. We will try to match the T-shirt size the best to what the winner asks for.
  • Disclaimer: Some players and scores will be simulated to optimize and drama participants' experience. No simulations will alter a players score and only active players win prizes.
  • It is easy to join the Sense Arena eSkills Challenge. If you have the system installed at home or you have access to one of our training gyms, simply login to your profile and choose eSkills Challenge on the main menu.
  • If you wish to install Sense Arena at home or your training facility, click on the button below and we will contact you promptly to provide you a quote.
Notify me when the Hockey eSkills Challenge starts again.