Play through five weeks of Challenges and one Final round that reveals the true Sense Arena tendy Champion. All finalists win a prize. Will you be one of them?



These are the running results for the current Challenge. The results show the save percentage of your last attempt and will determine who gets how many points once this Challenge is over.



Standings are based on points rewarded throughout the course of the Competition.


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  • The Competition starts on Monday, May 3rd and lasts six weeks, until June 13th
  • It consists of five weekly rounds - five Challenges, and one Final round
  • Each Challenge starts on Monday and finishes on Sunday 23:59 EST
  • The winner of each Challenge automatically qualifies to the Final round
  • If a user wins more than one Challenge, the next best user qualifies to the Final round as well
  • Users on positions 1 to 30 in each week’s scoreboard will be awarded points to the five-week Competition
  • If a user misses one week or joins late, they just miss points from that week, but may still win the overall Competition, or advance directly to the Final week by winning one of the Challenges
  • The results in the headsets do NOT display the overall standings throughout the whole Competition. These standings and final results are always found on this page only,
  • The five weekly Challenges are for all users with Sense Arena Goalie profile, the final sixth week is ONLY for the five Challenge Champions and the top 11 goalies in points after all five weeks
  • The Final week sees the 16 goalies competing and reveals the true Champion
  • We are trying to find the best Sense Arena goalie across all age groups therefore all users compete against each other no matter their age


  • All finalists win a prize
  • Users finishing 2nd through 16th in the overall standings win a Goalie Skills Competition T-Shirt and a HockeyShot voucher for $100
  • The ultimate champion wins the main prize: a Goalie Skills Competition T-Shirt and a funding in the amount of $1,000 for practice in preparation for a specific competition


  • Points are awarded by Sense Arena after every Challenge is over and will be only shown on this page
  • 30 highest-ranked users get points according to their standings:
  • 1st place gets 30 points, 2nd place gets 29 points, 3rd place gets 28 points, and so on
  • Users ranked 31st and lower do not get any points for that week
  • Users can also earn additional points by sharing training content on their Instagram profiles
  • Both posts and stories can be shared, and have to be directly related to the Competition
  • Every week, 3 best posts (NOT Stories) selected by Sense Arena will be awarded 10 points each and will be visible on this page (these DO NOT affect the weekly Challenges and are only to be added to the overall standings)
  • All users’ Instagram Stories reshared by Sense Arena throughout the first five weeks will be awarded extra 3 points
  • Both posts and Stories have to be available for Sense Arena to share on their Instagram profile (users have to make sure their profiles are public and all content is tagged properly)
  • These extra points are ONLY awarded in the first five weeks of the Competition
  • The users can use and follow the hashtag #SeeItStopIt to watch other users compete and have fun


  • Log in to your Profile and select Training Plans
  • Select the available Goalie Skills Competition and you are ready to start
  • The Final week will be played through the Diagnostics feature
  • ONLY your last result counts! If you think you will not be able to beat it, it may be better to not repeat the Training Day since you could finish the week off with worse score than your current week’s best
  • The conditions are the same for the Final Week as well
  • The Training Plan can be played on either Easy, Medium, or Hard, the levels are set the same though