Sense Arena is a business opportunity for teams and training centers

Do you want to improve athletic performance of the players on your
team or in your training center? Bring their skills to the edge.

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How to make Sense arena
a business?

You can either purchase and run the system at your rink or training facility or become our referral agent.

Sense Arena is a solution under a subscription model. You will need to invest in the necessary Virtual Reality helmet, stick mount and/or goalie sleeves and a software licence fee.

We are looking for partners.

Do you want to bring the system to certain regions and act as a Partner?
We have established a Partner Sales Model.

Other teams or training centers employed some of the following business models:

1) The objective is to improve the players' skills and performance - the cost of the system is either coveredby increased annual tuition fees or through sponsorship. Usage is then free to all the participating players.

2) The objective is to create and serve the demand for Hockey Sense training. The business model is then based on - per/session or bundle fees (typically 30 to 60-minute sessions and cost between $40 to $80, subject to local conditions and regions).

How To Start

Step 1

Contact us to understand Sense Arena's benefits, technical requirements, our different business models, and pricing.

Step 2

Order Sense Arena for teams or Sense Arena for Training centres at our on-line store or through our Sales team - contacts at About Us.

Step 3

Our operation team will give you an on-line training to set you up for your jump start with Sense Arena. We know you will be amazed how great the platform is, but in any case, you have 14 days money back guarantee.

Step 4

We provide you a free Marketing Franchise Package, full of personalised digital resources to decorate your gym or training room, advertise and post to social media.

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The Installation

Technical Requirements

  • Room of at least 12’ by 12’ (4 by 4m), ideal 16' by 16', and free of mirrors or other large glossy objects, properly lighted - no direct sun or a dark room
  • Flat floor, one where the stick will glide (synthetic ice, stickhandling floor, linoleum, cement floor)
  • Electricity and internet in the room
  • We suggest installing a TV screen or a PC with a monitor to cast what the user sees
  • Be aware that tracking of the stick will not work when the stick mount is covered by the user's apparel.

What they say
about us

“It's such a great platform, because it always makes the player wants to improve in the skills he is working on.”

Dave Dolecki

jsi hockey, oakville, etobicoke owner

“The players are very impressed with this training platform. They quickly found out that it allows them to do fast and measurable progress.”

Michael Würsten

Switzerland, HockeyBros co-owner

Teams and organiZations

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