Train YOUR Brain,
Find your Edge

"Sense Arena’s cutting-edge technology will provide hockey players of all skill levels with an innovative way to develop their skills, while giving fans a perspective like never before."

Kerry Bubolz, President of the Vegas Golden Knights


How will I benefit?


Reading the Game

Improve peripheral vision, see all players on the ice, look for open lanes, recognize details in the game, and improve time movement anticipation.

Decision Making

Speed up reaction and release time, improve spatial orientation, verbal communication and mainly - make the right decisions.

3 reasons to use sense arena

Player Development

Read & React skills development and pre-competition game situations.

Step 1

Take your Read & React Baseline Diagnostic Test.

Step 2

Understand your results, compare
it to other players in your age category and see where your areas for development are.

Step 3

Choose and execute your personalized training plan. Time to begin training!

Player Evaluation

Diagnostic testing, analysis, and comparison to other players indicate the best performers.

Step 1

Execute the Read & React Diagnostic Test on all of your players.

Step 2

Analyze the Read & React Benchmark Report, identify best performers, help with development to those who have skills gaps.

Step 3

Repeat the Diagnostic test in the middle and after the season to see player development.

Player Rehabilitation

Baseline testing, after concussion diagnostic and safe return to play.

Step 1

Execute the Read & React Diagnostic Test on all of your players before the season starts.

Step 2

Have your injured player training
in Sense Arena before he returns to ice.

Step 3

Test player's readiness by running the Read & React Diagnostic and compare to the before the season results.

Training examples

Sense Arena Cloud Platform

The web-based application is where coaches can monitor a player's training results, create training plans, analyze, and benchmark players' performance within the team. Accessible on your laptop, smartphone, tablet.

The Virtual reality environment has fantastic advantages:

We can measure every physical move, where the player looks, what and how they performed. The only variable is the player’s performance in Sense Arena, all the rest (the goalie, the intelligence of teammates or opponents) is the same everywhere around the world - that really gives comparable data.

What the professionals say about us

“I see big potential in training reflexes and reaction speed in the slot and around
the net.”

Jaromír Jágr #68

the second all time leader in points in NHL

“Sense Arena’s cutting-edge technology will provide hockey players of all skill levels with
an innovative way to develop their skills, while giving fans a perspective like never before.”

Kerry Bubolz

vegas golden knights president

“Science has taught us that great athletes have superior brain power, specifically the ability to quickly search for and identify important cues, anticipate, and make quick accurate decisions, followed by flawless skill execution. We now have the expertise and technology to measure and train these perceptual/cognitive skills.”

Dr. Len Zaichkowsky

sport and performance scientist, boston university

“People talk about the importance of hockey IQ, but I haven't seen anyone figure out how
to teach it. There are so many technical skills
to learn in hockey that it's hard to spend time on the mental side. Sense Arena is the first company that I've seen to take a major stride towards training the brain.”

Jeremy Rupke founder

“Sense Arena is the perfect training tool that trains your brain and helps the players
to concentrate. We have seen improvements
in hockey sense which is perfect to me, even pro players are using it before their game."

Filip Pešán

head coach, czech hockey


Sense Arena team or training center installations

Home version


For Gaming PC owners and/or
Vive Pro owners
  •  $149 Monthly license fee
  • Duo-user license
  • 6 months commitment
  • $299 Sense Arena Standard Stick with tracking - purchase required.
  • Professional installation and consultancy at $150/hr
    (min. 5 hrs.)
  • Minimal HW requirements
  • Shipping cost applies

All-in-One Solution

  •  $149 Monthly license fee
  • Duo-user license
  • 12 months commitment
  • $9,990 Sense Arena VR equipment Case incl. 2 Pro Sticks with tracking and
    a haptic feedback or goalie sleeves
  • Remote installation, training, and technical support included
  • Shipping cost applies

All prices are valid for North America and without Tax. Please contact us for local pricing
in Canada, Europe or the rest of the world. Detailed Conditions subject to General Terms and Conditions.

  • Intel Core i5-4590 PC
  • ‍NVIDIAGeForceRTX 2070better
  • 16GB RAM or more
  • PCIe slot for HTC Vive Wireless
  • Windows 10
  • HTC Vive Pro with 4 Base Stations 2.0
  • HTC Wireless Adapter
  • Intel Core i5-4590 or AMD
    FX 8350 equivalent PC
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
  • 8GB RAM
  • DisplayPort 1.2 or newer
  • 1x USB 3.0 or newer for Vive Pro on a cord
  • Windows 10
  • HTC Vive Pro with 2 Base Stations 2.0

  • 1x HTC Vive Pro
  • 4x SteamVR Base Stations 2.0
  • 2x HTC Vive Trackers
  • 1x HTC Wireless Adapter
  • 1x VR Ready desktop PC with Touch Screen Monitor
  • 2x Sense Arena Pro Sticks
  • 1x Sense Arena VR Equipment case


  • Room of at least 10’ by 10’ (3 by 3m), free of mirrors or other big glossy objects
  • Flat floor, one where the stick will glide (synthetic ice, stick-handling floor,
    linoleum, cemented floor)
  • Electricity and internet in the room