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Virtual reality-based training software

Virtual reality applications that are used for training and education purposes are proved to be one of the most successful cases out
‍of the wide portfolio of VR deployment.(TechRepublic)

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Virtual Reality Technology

Oculus Quest is powerful all-in-one ready to go solution for Virtual Reality. Easy to use, manage and support.

Hockey Stick or Goalie Gloves tracking

Customized stick tracks your stick motions just as in real plus gives you haptic feedback when you touch the puck. Gloves tracking devices attached to special goalies sleeves.


Fully immersive experience with visual, sound and haptic senses, creates a hockey world in your VR headset. All the drills you need in one place.


Is a web-based application where you can find all the analytics and diagnostics. Used for player, goalie, coaches registration, Accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile.


We put the player or goalie on the ice in a 20 thousand big arena. Everything is just as real - you will hear the familiar sounds of an ice
rink, when you catch the puck, and when you hit the glass.

Sense Arena's software is constantly being developed and evolving. There are currently more than 80 drills in seven age categories (from U10 to Professional). Each drill has numerous settings - complexity, player positions, difficulty, or obstacles. Sense Arena's new drills and features are released every second month.

The software can be used under three different modes:

You can run a Diagnostic module

You can run a pre-set Training plan

You can choose from list of the drills manually

Cloud Platform

The real heart of Sense Arena sits in the cloud platform.

Team leaders, coaches, players, and even parents can access the web based application from any electronic device.

Every player who uses Sense Arena has a unique profile, so all his/her performance data are allocated and stored on the Cloud for him/her.  

What can you find and do there:

  • Register new players, coaches, or teams
  • Check and analyze training and diagnostic results
  • Assign or create your own training plans
  • Benchmark players among your team
  • Watch videos of all Sense Arena's drills
  • Read Sense Arena's training guides and tips


Oculus Quest 2 with Haptic Stick Mount

  • Oculus Quest 2 128GB headset and controllers
  • Remote customer device and application setup
  • Remote training on how to use Sense Arena for Players
  • Haptic Stick Mount for your hokey stick

Oculus Quest 2 with goalie sleeves

  • Oculus Quest 2 128GB headset and controllers
  • Remote customer device and application setup
  • Remote training on how to use Sense Arena for Goalies
  • Two goalie gloves sleeves - for catcher and blocker