How Will You Benefit From Training in Sense Arena for Goalies?

Sense Arena is a training platform that delivers unique skills development that can’t be trained elsewhere.

October 30, 2020

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Only those who have worn a goalie’s mask and pads and stood between the pipes of a hockey net can
relate to all of the intricacies that come with being a goaltender. It is with these experiences in mind,
and with goalie professionals, that we have assembled this unique hockey training platform for goaltenders, where you can train the most important skills that a goaltender can learn to master - reading release, screens, and box control.


Improve your release reading by watching
interactive videos of players shooting at you.
Make the saves, track the play, track the puck.


The probability of making a safe increaseS dramatically
when you can see the puck. Practice your ability to face
screens in different game situations.


No other tool gives you an indication of the right box control
on the fly in the drill. You will learn how to fill the majority
of the room in the net.

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