Introducing New Training Plan and Drills

We prepared a plan together with Jeff Walker, director at Stop It Goaltending, one of the biggest goaltending schools in the US.

November 16, 2021

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After the great response and high traffic on the existing four training plans, we decided to add more -
a training plan by Jeff Walker, director at Stop It Goaltending, one of the biggest goaltending schools
in the US. We are also adding two new video drills!

Jeff put together an 8 session training program focusing first on establishing the right goalie stance, moving to play tracking skills, screens and tips. At the end of each day, there is a bit of "game time" to have more fun out of each practice.


Stop It Goaltending has been instrumental in the development of twenty-five NHL draft picks and over one hundred goalies that have gone on to college and pro hockey. We offer Summer Programs, Year-Round Lessons, Coaching, and The Bridge. To read more, visit Stop It Goaltending.


Prime your brain and reflexes before your practice or a game? Yes, you can! We are adding two new drills with real players in the update.

Hide & Seek - a dynamic drill with real shooters skating from the blue line approaching the net. The shooter is "hidden" and then he pops up and the goalie has to "seek" the shooter and the proper angle.

Bump - great "reading the play" drill. You can practice in the Bump animated drill and then take your chance with real players in this video Bump drill.

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