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December 16, 2021

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From brand new drills and training plans to a completely new in-app Coaching Tips feature which offers more insights into every drill, let’s take a closer look at all the new Sense Arena updates.


Each one of the Sense Arena drills for both goalies and players now offers a Coaching Tip by our Development Directors, Brian Daccord and Andrew Alberts, to further assist our users with more insights that will help them with their hockey development.


Two brand new training plans, one for the goalies, created by Brian Daccord, and one for the players, created by Filip Pesan, Czech National Team Head Coach. Both training plans give the users even more variability when training in Sense Arena.


As with every new update, we have prepared several completely new drills that offer our users to really stay on top of their game and control their hockey development. The new drills include a cognitive drill called Recall With Action (which is also a part of SA’s new Concussion Diagnostics), Goalie Cannon which allows every goalie to pick one of seven points where the puck is going to go each time, and two offensive zone drills for the players that all forwards in Sense Arena are going to love.


To take advantage of our unique training propositions, we have created our second diagnostic feature which, this time, focuses on users following a post-concussion protocol. The Concussion Diagnostics is a series of Sense Arena drills that is going to act as a user's own personal baseline testing in the unfortunate event of sustaining a concussion.

To see more details about our new features, check out our social media channels, or contact us to get a free trial of Sense Arena to test what’s new on your own.

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