Start your offseason on the right foot with our brand new Sense Arena training plans.

June 6, 2022

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"I'm so excited for you to join my offensive skills training plan! As a forward both for Harvard University and the US Women's National Team, I know how important it is for forwards to focus on skills that will help increase their scoring chances and their ability to create plays down low around the net. This plan is designed to help you work on passing, reading plays, and scoring goals off of rebounds, tips, give n go's and more!"

As a standout for four years on the Harvard Women’s Team, Lyndsey Fry also competed as a member of the US Women's National Team earning an Olympic Silver medal in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Currently, she is part of the AZ Coyotes broadcast team and Senior Director of Hockey Development for the AZ Kachinas. While playing right wing for both Harvard University and Team USA, Lyndsey's incredible skill-set was on display showing a remarkable ability to read and anticipate in the offensive zone. She proved to be an elite offensive presence on the ice and now through Sense Arena, Coach Lyndsey is excited to teach those offensive skills to you!

"During my time at Princeton, I studied the visual system and how important it is for goaltenders. Goalies use the visual system to track pucks, make saves, anticipate plays, and read shots. Like any muscle, if you want to improve your visual skills, they need to be trained. The Sense Arena platform is the perfect tool and provides the ideal environment to train your visual skills, measure your performance, and keep track of your progression."

Dave Stathos is a Certified Hockey Canada Goalie Instructor and the owner of the Goalie Performance Center in Ottawa. As a pro goalie, he had the pleasure of traveling the world and playing in Finland and Sweden’s top pro leagues for many years. He also played NCAA hockey at Princeton University where he graduated in 2002. Since modern goalies are required to have strong mental skills to stay on top of their game, Dave is a proud ambassador of the Lift the Mask Foundation promoting mental health for goalies around the world, and also the Canadian Ambassador for the October Saves Goalie Challenge that raises thousands of dollars for cancer research every year.


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