NHL Network in Its Recent Episode about New Tech in Goaltending

The reporters at NHL Network discuss how virtual reality changes goaltending practice with Kevin Woodley.

November 16, 2020

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Kevin Woodley chats with the guys from NHL about new training methods in goalie training.

They ask Kevin about a movement now to use virtual reality to help goalies train to be even better
in the crease. He's started talking to some of the goaltenders that have used this program called
Sense Arena, that has sort of taken a lot of the earlier version of goaltending virtual reality where
more videogame style and game based, and Sense Arena taking it to another level in terms of really
trying to make it a development tool.

Will this be something that eventually all teams start to use? 

"I can't honestly answer that. I'm not sure how many people are going to pick it up, but to me it's fascinating, that this is a product that just launched in July.
I mentioned Bill Ranford earlier. He got involved with Sense Arena a little bit earlier than that and talking to him last week, he can't believe how far it's come, and it is constantly evolving. The fact that it's being adopted at such high level by guys that are playing in the National Hockey League, by teams, obviously teams in the NHL, that tells me that is legit, and that you'll probably see more guys at least give it a shot. Put this on and you really feel like you are in the game," says Kevin Woodley.

Grab your coffee, click the play button, and watch the full 8 minute long episode.

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