New Sense Arena Update is Released!

We have added some very exciting features to both platforms that make training in Sense Arena even better.

November 16, 2021

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Our whole team has been working extremely hard to bring another set of features to all our customers.
There are 7 innovations in the For Goalies platform and 5 in the For Players platform.
Let’s take a look at the complete overview of the new update.

We hope you enjoy the new updates and please let us know if you have any questions regarding the newly added features.

                                                                DISCOVER WHAT'S NEW FOR GOALIES

Long-Term Statistics
Assess your goalie stance as well as your catching skills with the new Heat Map of Saves. The net
is now divided into 12 different zones and you can easily see your save percentage in the respective zones. Better understand where you give up the most goals so you can adjust your technique accordingly.

Improved Box Control Feature
Based on consultations with Mr. Thomas Magnusson, Golatending Director of the Swedish Hockey Association, we improved the box control feature to show a visual aid where your gloves should be.

Updated 3D Replay
Enjoy longer replays that allow you to monitor your whole movement preceding the shot. Discover possible mistakes in your positioning and your body moves you may have made when following the puck or the shooter.

New Power-Play Drills
We have prepared a whole new section of drills. Now, you can enjoy practicing power-play situations as well! Four drills that focus on the most common PP systems - Umbrella and Overload. Learn to read how the players move under these systems, practice the traffic in front of the net, and gain an edge
on your opponents. The settings allow you to practice without your virtual teammates so you can have a better view of the opposing players.

New Video Drills
There are two new video drills under the Game Recognition category which focus on 2-on-1 and
3-on-1 situations. Another drill, called Open Shots, can be found in the Skills category. Face the shooters from the Czech National Team a show us how good you are! You can choose between shooters from the U14, U18, and PRO divisions.

New Training Plan By Marek Benda From Shield Goaltending Inc.
Another new training plan for goalies is here! This time we partnered up with Marek Benda, who is the founder of Shield Goaltending and also the goalie coach for the Newfoundland Growlers. It is an 8-day plan focusing on four different areas which will help you develop and reinforce good habits and new skills that you need to become a better goaltender.

New Menu Layout
We have split the drills into new categories for even easier navigation. The categories are now: Cognitive, Warm-Up, Foundations, Game Recognition, Skills, and Power Plays.

We have also made some pretty cool updated to our platform for Players. Want to take a look at those?

                                                                DISCOVER WHAT'S NEW FOR PLAYERS

Newly Warm-Up Sessions in Sense Arena
Take your warm-up routine to a whole another level with Sense Arena! Together with Tomas Perič,
an IIHF Coach and a Sport Science Professor at Charles University, we created three warm-up training plans that can be used to prime your brain prior to games and practices in order to achieve your athletic peak performance. Each plan takes only 8 minutes to finish and is therefore a perfect way
to start your new pre-game ritual.

Fake Moves
Did you miss the option to deceive the defenders by faking your next move? Now it’s not a problem! Opposing players now react to your head movement as well. Thanks to this new feature, you can buy yourself a bit more time to make solve situations correctly. Be aware though, they don’t have to take the bait every time. Just like in real life.

More Game Scenarios In Team Play Drills
We have developed a completely unique feature for our OZ and DZ drills - Teleportation! This new function brings even more options to some drills and is perfect for small area decision-making development, especially in situations when you’re under a lot of pressure. You will never know in what position you will appear or what the exact scenario will be, so you will have to read and react to every play even faster.

Updated Stick Calibration Process
You can now calibrate your stick directly from the menu so you don’t have to wait until the drill starts.
The calibration of the stick is very easy - just pull on the trigger of the controller attached to the stick.

More Difficulty Options Added
You can now set the time after which the puck disappears in drills where there is a time limit set to make a decision. We recommend starting with a higher time limit and slowly move down as you improve.

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