Sanitizing Policy

It is imperative that all facilities follow safety and health guidelines while using Sense Arena.

October 1, 2020

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Given the shared face mask and sticks IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT ALL FACILITIES FOLLOW SAFETY AND HEALTH GUIDELINES while using Sense Arena. Attached please see the formal HTC Vive and Oculus Quest policy on how to maintain and sanitize the equipment, and Sense Arena recommendation in 3 important steps:


Sense Arena highly recommends using disposable hygiene covers for the VIVE and Oculus headset. It is the easiest way to maintain the equipment safe and clean for usage. The universal disposable hygiene cover is best for social and commercial settings where VR headsets are shared. Simply swap a used cover for a new one, dispose it properly, and the headset is good to go.


If you decide not to use the disposable hygiene covers pay attention to the increased hygiene needed.
Sense Arena recommends to use antibacterial hygiene wipes or disinfectants that are free of bleach and contains diluted alcohol solution that contains 70-75% alcohol. Wipe the VR headset, the headphones,and the controllers thoroughly by either using the disposable wipe or moist a microfibre cloth with a recommended disinfectant and wipe the VR headset. Let dry completely.


Sense Arena highly recommends for the players to use their own gloves. Please do not forget to also disinfect the sticks. For sanizizing the sticks and gloves, use the same method as in step two.


Do not spray disinfectants or other liquids directly on VR equipment. Do not apply disinfecting solutions or wipes to foam material (such as foam face cushions), fabric (such as straps), or sensitive components (such as lenses and eye trackers).  Do not dip or soak the headset or controllers in liquid. Aside from the above recommendations, do not use other organic solvents for cleaning the exterior of headsets, controllers, or accessories. Do not use acidic liquids. Do not use UV light to sterilize headsets. Do not tumble dry, iron,
or expose face cushions to direct sunlight. Violation of these policies may damage the device.

Please download the HTC VIVE manual or the Oculus Quest manual on how to disinfect the headset, headphones, and controllers properly.

Cleaning Guide for VIVE Products

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