Sense Arena for Goalies - First 50 Systems Delivered to Goalies and Organizations!

The first 50 systems have been already delivered to goalies and training organizations with very positive feedback. 

October 1, 2020

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Based on the success of Sense Arena for players, we developed and successfully launched a state-of-the- art professional goaltender training platform.

The new Sense Arena For Goalies brings many unique benefits to goalie training and development. First
it is the immersion – its not a game, its not artificial, it is just as real as it is on the ice. Reading the release
of a shot is the key to making a safe. Goalies watch real players at different age levels, take shots and learn how to read the release and make the save. Virtual reality brings goalie training into goalies homes and to off-ice facilities using the Oculus Quest helmet.

Goalies can make thousands more touches without the physical wear and tear on their bodies, while working on skills, learning game situations, visualizing them, and managing concentration, and stress.

Check more details and our prices at the For Goalies page.

Sense Arena for Goalies has been developed and tested with professionals for professionals. Here's what they have to say about the product...

"Load management is for me the big topic nowadays in goaltending, and that is exactly what Sense Arena brings - quality, realistic goalie training for pros, without the need to put on all the goalie gear."

Bill Ranford - two times Stanley Cup champion, Goaltending coach of the LAK

"With Sense Arena at the forefront of simulation training for hockey players of all ages, I couldn't be more excited to support the growth and development of their goalie-specific training platform."

Justin Goldman - organizer of the Global Goaltending Retreat, Regional goalie scout for USA Hockey's NTDP and a writer for

“The demand for Sense Arena for goalies after we announced its launch a month ago was three times higher then I expected. We want to deliver the best product, affordable with a great service, and that is our Goalie to Go - all-in-one solution.”

Bob Tetiva – Sense Arena founder and CEO

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