Train Your Brain in Western Canada

The 1st Sense Arena for skaters installed in Western Canada. 

November 16, 2020

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We are happy to welcome another training center that included Sense Arena in their training facility and offers it's clients the most modern training methods.
TK Hockey in Edmonton, Canada!

It’s great for all hockey players at any level who want and need to improve their read and react skills. If you are from around the area, visit TK Hockey and try out the best virtual hockey training tool for yourself!

 “As a coach I am always trying to find ways to work on the decision making abilities of my players.
It is difficult to set up situations in practice that put a player into a position where they repeatedly
have to make the right choice. Sense Arena does just that. Inside the system everyone else makes
the right decision so that the user can figure out what the correct choice is. 

Sense Arena is an unique training system that does not replace on ice training but supports
it in a big way. We work on skating, stickhandling and passing at every practice, this system
helps tie it together so that when a player sees a situation in a game they are prepared
to make the right play because they have seen in many times inside Sense Arena
and are prepared for it.”
Jason Strudwick, NHL Alumni 

Located at River Cree Casino Entertainment Centre, River Cree Twin Rinks, Enoch Cree Nation
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