We’re Launching a Referral Program for Our Customers!

Starting today, our customers can earn months of free subscription.

November 17, 2021

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Many of our current customers have joined Sense Arena based on recommendations from others,
and we've been hard at work brainstorming the best way to say thank you to everyone who has encouraged others to start training with our cognitive platform.

As we strive to offer advanced hockey training to all the hockey players and goalies out there, we wanted to come up with something that would make Sense Arena more affordable for everyone.
All of our current customers now receive their own personal referral codes which they can share with their friends and teammates. Every time a friend joins Sense Arena, we will add a free month to the referral's subscription. This will apply to all customers, whether they are on the annual, or monthly plans. Also, every new customer that joins with a referral code from their friend gets $50 off the purchased hardware.

So now, as a customer, you may never have to pay for Sense Arena license again!

We are really excited to reward the customers that have showed us great support in the last couple
of months and we hope this further strengthens the amazing community that we have been lucky enough to build. Hopefully more athletes can now start enjoying the next-level cognitive training that our platforms bring to the table.

Train your brain, find your edge.

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