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Thrilling sport actions, less injuries

Our brain is as important as any other muscle in an athlete’s body.
Let’s develop its performance and skills, so we see more great plays, fewer injuries, and pure joy in the eyes of an athlete.

Watching professional hockey, basketball, football, or other team sports,
we admire not only the athletes' performance, but more and more their sense of team play, and cognitive skills.

We have focused on Sense Arena's program on training athletes "brain muscle" starting at the age of 10+. We believe that synchronized development of their physical and cognitive skills will improve their performance and become healthier, and happier members of winning teams.

The “vehicle” that is going to help us achieve our goal is the environment
of virtual reality.

Meet the team

Image of Founder and CEO - Bob Tetiva

Bob Tetiva

Founder and CEO

Blaine Down - Business Development Director

Blaine Down

Business Development Director Canada

CTO - Nikolay Tutarinov

Nikolay Tutarinov


Daniel Benes - Product Director

Daniel Beneš

Product Director

Photo of Brian Daccord

Brian Daccord

Director of Goaltending Development

Photo of Andrew Alberts

Andrew Alberts

Director of Player Development, 9 years NHL Pro

Photo of Vojta Roušar

Vojta Roušar

Marketing Manager

Tyler Lopinsky - Operations manager

Tyler Lopinsky

Operations Director North America

Photo of Stepan Silhavy

Štěpán Šilhavý

Strategic Partnerships Europe

Jan Hanzl - Player Development

Jan Hanzl

Player Development

Patrik Mrázek - IT Director

Patrik Mrázek

IT Director

Andrea Matalikova - Operations Manager

Andrea Matalíková

Operations Manager

Tomáš Blažek - Product Project Manager

Tomáš Blažek

Product Project Manager

Jitka Srpová - Marketing Specialist

Jitka Srpová

Marketing Specialist

hockey Advisory Board

Image of Thomas Magnusson

Thomas Magnusson

Head of Goaltending Development at Swedish Ice Hockey Association

image of Kim Brandvold

Kim Brandvold

Director for Dynamic Skating and skills coach for the Boston Bruins

image of Lyndsay Fry

Lyndsey Fry

USA Hockey Olympic Medalist, Hockey & Mental Performance Coach

Picture of Glenn Carnegie

Glenn Carnegie

Former Hockey Skills and Development Coach for the Vancouver Canucks

Filip Pesan - Head-coach, Czech Ice Hockey

Filip Pešán

Head-coach, Czech Ice Hockey

Bill Ranford

Bill Ranford

Two times Stanley Cup champion, Goaltending coach of the LAK

Justin Goldman

Justin Goldman

Organizer of the Global Goaltending Retreat, Goalie scout for USA Hockey

Marek Schwarz

Marek Schwarz

Pro goalie, former NHLer

Filip Šindelář

Filip Šindelář

Pro Goalie, Goaltending Coach

Image of Vojtech Fiala

Vojtěch Fiala

Director of Youth Hockey at Bílí Tygři Liberec

Champions Hockey League board member & Vice-president of Bili Tygri Liberec - Petr Syrovátko Jr.

Petr Syrovátko Jr.

Champions Hockey League board member & Vice-president of Bílí Tygři Liberec

Image of Garrison Macri

Garrison Macri

Sense Arena

Scientific advisory board

Dr. Len Zaichkowsky

Dr. Len Zaichkowsky

Sport and Performance scientist, Boston University

Tomas Peric - Sport Science Professor

Dr. Tomáš Perič

Sport Science Professor, Charles University, IIHF coach

Jakub Hort - Neurology Professor, Charles University

Jakub Hort, MD

Neurology Professor, Charles University


CZECH Office

Sense arena s.r.o.

Corso Karlin IIa
Krizikova 34,
Prague 8, 186 00
Czech Republic

Sales department:
T: +420 724 528 918
E: europe@sensearena.com

Technical support:
T: +420 720 705 267

US Office


11 Cabot Rd,
Woburn, MA 01801,
United States

Sales department:
T: +1 905 995 0480
E: usa@sensearena.com

Technical support:
T: +1 508 863 9709



12 Branthaven Crt,
Brooklin, Ontario, L1M 0B2

Sales department:
T: +1 905 995 0480
E: canada@sensearena.com

Technical support:
T: +1 508 863 9709