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Virtual reality based hockey training platform

We bring the ice to players' homes, gyms and training centers.

“Just grab your hockey stick, put the virtual reality helmet on and train more focused then on the ice.”

All that you need is big enough room, at least 16 by 16 feet, necessary PC and VR hardware, our special hockey stick and a licence to our 3D training environment.

You login every time you go using Sense Arena, all your results and performance figures are allocated to your personal profile and you can then analyze your skills on our web based cloud platform.


 Just grab your hockey stick and do workouts just as on the ice, but with focus on detail and 1000 times more reps.


This is the only 100% fair testing and bench-marking tool of hockey and cognitive skills.


Before you go back and play with all the impacts, get in shape without risking further injury.

Training hockey sense

and hockey skills

 More then 50 drills and close to dozen pre-set training plans focus on development of:

  • speed of reaction in hockey - with the focus on scoring (rebound, deflection, tipping, shooting one-timers), passing (passing agility drills)

  • decision making - team-play drills forcing fast decisions under various conditions

  • time movement anticipation - training of break-out passes, dynamic passing situations

  • hockey intelligence - reading open lanes, keep away, power-play situations

  • multitasking - focus on distribution of the brain power - decision making in parallel agility activities

All drills have number of settings, including speed, frequency and accuracy of passes from a teammate, complexity of the drills etc.

Development of cognitive


Brain cognitive functions are very important not just for hockey players, not just for athletes in general, but for all of us.

Sense Arena Training Platform brings workouts that are are being performed with a pair of controllers in the players hands. Hockey stick is not necessary.

Sample of cognitive functions you can work on:

  • Attention

  • Decision making

  • Proprioception

  • Reaction and motor time

  • Situational awareness

  • Time-movement anticipation etc.

  • Coordination skills - linking of motor skills, development of rhythmic skills

Powerful web based

analytical tool

 Each drill not only brings the final score but hundreds of performance events that are pushed to Sense Arena Big data database.


There are two types of outputs - diagnostic results (based on normalized standard set of drills) and standard training results. Both data gives extremely valuable information:

  • Where to focus players' individual training

  • Benchmarks within the team, but overall comparison to players even from the other side of the World.

That's the unique benefit of having training in "digital environment", where there is the goalie always the same - in Toronto, Prague or Helsinki. 

Necessary hardware

and software setup

There are two versions of the hardware setup - PRO and STANDARD. For teams, training centers and all who wants to become pros, we highly recommend the PRO setup:

  • Gaming PC (VR ready) with powerful graphic card
    (NVIDIA 1080)

  • HTC Vive Pro virtual reality system with Wireless adapter, trackers, extra base stations

  • Set of Sense Arena hockey sticks

  • Sense Arena system kiosk

We have tested number of hardware setups and selected one that performs the best and most of all is stable and error free. Therefore we recommend all customers to have delivered our hardware built in a special portable Sense Arena computer kiosk.



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